Sekhem Heka Seven Months starting February 3rd 2024


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Discover the Ancient Egyptian method of spiritual  healing. Connecting you to the Gods, Goddesses and rituals  of this beautiful life changing holistic system. Sekhem is an Ancient Egyptian term that literally means power or might. Sekhem Heka  and Reiki work very well together as a sacred healing energy to completely harmonize your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, bringing balance to your life.  Together they help you expand your capacity to carry more light and love, which anchors and grounds the essential life force within your energy system. If you  feel a calling to Egypt and Egyptian energies. Learning to work with these energies can transform your life. Sekhem Heka introduces you to this practice through seven degrees of spiritual and personal self-exploration and self-development,  as well as those who are simply interested in the magical aspects of the system. Sekhem Heka is designed to help the practitioner work upon self-evolution and self-knowledge. Each of the seven levels focuses upon a particular energy center and an Ancient Egyptian God or Goddess that reside within you, with practical exercises and rites. Using Ancient Egyptian seed sounds and  including powerful mantras to help manifest positive changes in your life. The course will run for 7 months and will consist of live online and physical attendance to  attunements, with an opportunity to initiate into the deeper Egyptian mysteries beyond Sekhem Heka. Our journey will be commencing on Saturday 3rd of February 2024

Shirlee and team are here to aid and facilitate your journey through the gateway to contact the Ancient Gods and Goddesses  and once attuned you will be connected to the Neteru for life and in perfect Love.

For Further details and start dates  Contact Wicca Moon on

0208 8507830 or email


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