Ceramic Goddess Elen Of The Ways


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Elen of the Ways is probably the most ancient female Goddess that we have on the mainland Britain today. It is believed that she dates back to the Paleolithic (Old Stone Age).

To our ancestors of the Paleolithic & Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) era, deer were an exceptionally important part of their lives. They relied on them for food and made tools & weapons from their bones. They used their skins not only for clothing but also in the construction of shelters, all parts of the animal would have had a use.

The herds of deer would also guide them in seasonal migrations, leading them to areas where food was more plentiful. Living the same lifestyle that the Saami peoples who are deer herders do today. As in the Saami culture of today the deer would also have been highly revered. And would have given the peoples their spiritual connection and Deities.

this beautiful ceramic Goddess Elen of the ways will grace any altar. she is hand  made out of the clay of the land and she has a energy about her that feels simply divine.

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