Goddess Artemis Ritual Box


Connect with the Greek Goddess, Artemis.

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Honour the Goddess Artemis in sacred ritual. In the Greek pantheon, Artemis is the Goddess of the hunt and the moon. She is the Goddess of wild nature and animals, midwifery, and the protection of women. This ritual box includes an altar cloth, a framed picture of the Goddess, a hand-created ritual incense, a brass incense burner, sacred Artemis oil, a beautiful hand-poured glass jar candle made by local artisan ArLeTe, a hand-made Goddess poppet, a mahogany obsidian arrowhead, an oak leaf, and a scroll containing a ritual. You’ll also receive a hand-made soap for a delicious ritual bath, and a beautiful crystal necklace. To connect with Artemis is to connect to the fierce femininity within you; your wild and primal nature.


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