Pink Amethyst


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Pink amethyst is a balancer, healer, womb-warmer and comforter – through and through. The major difference between pink amethyst and regular amethyst is that purple amethyst is highly concerned with the psychic realms, while its pink counterpart would rather you view the regular world from a higher perspective. In that sense, it’s a more moderate version of the stone; one that has a certain level of grounding to keep things at an Earth-focused level.You’re likely to find your intuition is increased when working with pink amethyst. This may offer you comfort during any form of sadness or grief, as you’ll have a heightened sense of truth no matter what adversity you are facing. Pink amethyst is also a potent emotional balancer. During overwhelming interactions, you’ll be enabled to stay calm and collected, often neutralizing the energetic charge of the situation at hand. Pink amethyst is a neutralizer of anxiety and a wonderful stress reliever. This particular piece is a both a sceptre and a companion crystal. It is also bar-coded and etched.

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