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Shirlee Moon
Celebrant, Priestess, Wise Woman

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Welcome to our online witchcraft shop, where you will find everything a witch could need all in one place. Our magical products are handmade by ourselves at our physical store in London, by witches, wisewomen and priestesses of many years experience.

Witchcraft shop

Cleansing and Protection

Witchcraft shop


Jewellery for sale in the Witchcraft store

Spell and Ritual Kits

Spell & Ritual Kits
Wheel of the Year Ritual Boxes from the Witchcraft shop

Wheel of the Year Ritual Boxes

Tarrot Cards for sale in the Witchcraft shop

 Tarot Cards

School of Witchery at the Witchcraft shop

School of Witchery
(9 Modules – Self Study)

Witchcraft shop

Wicca Moon
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“Awesome place to shop for your witchy bits n bobs.
Having moved away from the area I’m really glad to hear
about the new online option….happy days!!”

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Readings & Therapies

and Therapies


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Welcome To Wicca Moon the Witchcraft Shop.

In Eltham, deep within the leafy Royal borough of Greenwich, situated between Eltham Palace and the Pleasance, there is Wicca Moon. It has for the last sixteen years been serving the community as a shop, a place of discovering your full potential, and as a healing temple dedicated to the Great Mother Divine.

Shirlee is the head and heart of Wicca Moon, and through her drive and dedication to the Goddess continues to attract like-minded people into the service of the Great Mother.

Over these years she has brought the community together through countless workshops, events and teachings.

Wicca Moon is your one stop shop for all things witchy, with many items handcrafted by the witches themselves in store.

Bright Blessings,

Shirlee and the Wicca Moon Witches